Lehmann Pools & Spas is all about making your swimming pool experience easy, safe, and fun!

Lehmann Pools & Spas has been helping a number of commercial and public facilities keep their pool water safe and sparkling for years.   Some even have extremely high use – far above what most homeowners will ever have in their backyard pool – we apply the same attention to detail and care to your swimming pool.

Our complimentary water testing and our science-based dosing recommendation make it easy for you – do what our pros recommend and you’ll have clean, safe, clear water all summer!

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Lehmann Pools & Spas has 5 tips for saving you dollars this summer caring for your pool.

Keep Your Pool Clean!

  • Get the leaves and junk out

Run Your Pump & Filter!

  • Keep chemicals circulating and filter out debris before it grows

Balance your pool water!

  • Alkalinity, pH, Hardness all affect how well your chemicals work and balanced water protects your pool

Sanitize & Oxidize!

  • Read here about how properly sanitzing and oxidizing saves you $$$!

Test Your Pool Water

  • Our validated testing even help with warranty protection for liners, covers, heaters, and other pool equipment


Rainy, cool weather tempting you to “save money” by not caring for your pool?  After all, why put in chemicals if nobody’s swimming?

Routine care for 15,000 gallon pool:

Daily care = 4 oz Chlorine X 7 days = 28 oz.  = 1.75 pounds

1.75# X $2.40 per pound = $4.20 spent over 7 days

Clean up same pool; green with algae:

Back-To-Blue® System


Just want to use our plain CalHypo shock (PurePool)?

3# X 4 days:

3 bags X $3.99 = $11.97 X 4 = $47.88

You could double or even triple your routine care – probably a really good idea in rainy weather – and still not come close to spending the same amount as it will take to clean up your green pool!


Take care of it!  Even when you don’t feel like it!  You’ll save $$$!



Rebates – Rebates – Rebates!

Maytronics Cleaners – for a limited time save up to $150 on great cleaners by Maytronics!  And, get great support after your purchase from any of our friendly, helpful staff.

Lehmann Pools & Spas has the Atlantis/DX3 and the Apollo/DX4 cleaners with full 2 year warranties and in-store service.  As always, whenever you buy through us, should you have a problem with the unit, your warranty call is local!  You never have to call an 800 Call Center for any product we sell.

Buy Local – Supported Locally!

Lehmann Pools & Spas – 844 Scalp Avenue – Richland Township – Johnstown, PA – 814-266-2236

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Heavy rains messed up your swimming pool?  Lehmann Pools & Spas makes it easy to clean up your pool!

  • Maytronics Cleaners – Inground
    • Atlantis – DX3
    • Apollo – DX4
  • AquaBot Pura – Above Ground pools

Our great electronic cleaners not only clean your pool, they pre-filter your water for clear, sparkling results.  All without having to hook into your filter system.  Convenient and automatic!  The latest features and full warranty protection are only available at Bricks & Mortar stores – like Lehmann Pools & Spas.  We support what we sell!

We also have the Hayward DiverDave and Wanda the Whale, plus Pentair’s Lil Shark.

And, don’t forget about Lehmann Pools & Spas’ convenient, quick, and complementary water testing.  Balanced, sanitized water will clean up easier and faster!Stop 2015_06_08__8847 2015_05_11__8776

Lehmann Pools & Spas – formerly Noren Pools & Spas of Geistown – is your pool & spa service center!  From simple to complex – our service team tackles your project!

Warranty service for Hayward, Pentair, RayPak, and Heat Siphon;, plus PDC Spas and other major hot tub brands.

In-store diagnostics on pumps and motors.  Motor bearing changes.

Service and installation on just about any pool item.

And – if you need parts or plumbing – there is no other place in west-central Pennsylvania and the Laurel Highlands that has a greater selection.

  • Broken spa jets?  Our team can ID your old spa jets and get replacements.
  • Obscure, ancient, or discontinued brand?  We can get you the right parts.
  • O-Rings, seals, gaskets?  Hundreds to choose from.
  • Plumbing: pipe, fittings, maniforlds, glue – we’ve got it!

Lehmann Pools & Spas – 844 Scalp Avenue – near Harbor Freight, Altmeyer’s, Corner Coffee Shoppe, and Zepka Harley Davidson Used Bikes.  Richland Township.  814-266-2236.Parts Desk 2015_05_11__8786 2015_05_11__8785 2015_05_11__8780 2015_05_11__8778

Today – 3:30 – 5:30 – Lehmann Pools & Spas is hosting Rocky 99!  Live broadcast and registration for FREE tickets to the sold-out Rolling Stones Show this Saturday, June 20, at Heinz Field.  Register in our store 3:30-5:30 today.  Join us and Rocky 99 Live!

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Lehmann Pools & Spas welcomes Bubba and Rocky 99 to the store today:

  • 4-6 PM – for live radio
  • Registration for tickets to the sold out Rolling Stones concert in Pittsburgh!

Lehmann Pools & Spas – formerly Noren Pools & Spas of Geistown – is conveniently on Scalp Avenue located near Harbor Freight, the Corner Coffee Shoppe, and Altmeyer’s.  Plenty of parking, easy access, and most of all – friendly and helpful staff.

Bubba will be doing your Thursday drive time show from our lovely, spacious, and inviting new location!  Stop in to register for the Stones tickets.  And, while you’re here, explore our new store!wrkw_logoStoreFront 1

Got plans to cool off with some river tubing?

How about your trip to the beach?

Or, taking a staycation in your backyard?

Lehmann Pools & Spas has got everything you need for fun!

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Lehmann Pools & Spas helps you keep your pool water sparkling and safe – despite the weather!

  • Complimentary Lab Service
  • Easy-to-Use 1-2-3 Step Pool Care Systems
  • Poolife®
  • Baquacil®
  • Zappit73™
  • And, most of all; our people – who take the time to listen and help you with your issue!

Bel Air Plaza, Richland Township, Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  844 Scalp Avenue next to Zepka Harley Davidson Used Bikes.  814-266-2236.  M-F, 9-7.  Sat, 9-3.  Sun, 11-2.

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