Need to clean your pool, but don’t have time to spend hours vacuuming?

Rent a great Maytronics Active® Cleaner from Lehmann Pools & Spas.  Just $50 for a 24 hour rental!

  • Cleans your pool while you do something else!
  • Gets the dirt – without clogging your filter!
  • Easy to use!
  • No hose to fight with!

Just plug it in.  Then drop it in.  And walk away!

Rental Pool Cleaner from Lehmann Pools & Spas.

3 Years ago we asked – “Where’s Waldo.”

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Now we know – Where Waldo Was.  Installing SRSmith equipment.  Check out our Facebook page!

Full line Commercial Pool Equipment.  Project Sourcing.  Logistics.

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Sale – Special – Discount – Sale – Special – Discount – Sale – Special – Discount – Sale – Special – Discount

The Maytronics® Dolphin® Apollo – On Sale!  We’ve got 2 – and 2 only at $899.00!  Sale!

Sale – Special – Discount – Sale – Special – Discount – Sale – Special – Discount – Sale – Special – Discount

We’ve got some other great cleaners by Maytronics® as well – the Active series – at great prices.

  • Active 10 – Above Ground Pools
  • Active 20 – In Ground Pools
  • Active 30 – In Ground Pools and Bluetooth Technology

These cleaners will transform your life!  Pool cleaning made easy.

Next to Zepka’s Harley-Davidson Pre-Owned on Scalp Avenue.

AutoCleaners (1)   AutoCleaners (4) AutoCleaners (5) AutoCleaners (6)

Data in this latest report from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says that public pool operators in even the most regulated states (New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona, California) are not successfully managing their swimming pools.

  • Most inspections of public aquatic venues (almost 80 percent) identified at least one violation.
  • 1 in 8 inspections resulted in immediate closure because of serious health and safety violations.
  • 1 in 5 kiddie/wading pools were closed—the highest proportion of closures among all inspected venues.
  • The most common violations reported were related to improper pH (15 percent), safety equipment (13 percent), and disinfectant concentration (12 percent).

Lehmann Pools & Spas helps Commercial & Public Pool Operators meet and exceed the toughest pool standards.  Check out our Commercial Products & Services page to see how we can help you manage your pool.

  • Training & Certification for Operators – including NSPF®CPO®
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Secondary Sanitization Systems
  • Chemicals
  • Inspection and Audit Services

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Lehmann Pools & Spas features all kinds of equipment to get your swimming pool up and running and keep it running smoothly for years.  We also install what we sell – professionally!    The products we supply and install:

  • The right ones for the job
  • Backed by the longest warranties
  • Supported by us after the sale
  • Installed for easy service and maintenance

We know that value has much more to do with overall quality, long-term serviceability, and true lifetime cost-of-ownership than it does with price!  While we appreciate your quest to save a few bucks, we can’t provide you with the proper support with all guarantees and warranty protections on installation of components not purchased through us.  I doubt you’ll find any professional in any field who supports equipment purchased elsewhere!

Just like with any professional tradesmen you trust – your plumber, HVAC, carpet/flooring, carpenters, etc. – we’ll give you our best when we install what we sell.  We can’t provide that same level of care to components acquired elsewhere.  And, if you have a concern about pricing, make sure you discuss it with us so you know the true lifetime cost of ownership; including warranty protections and after-sale support.


Public Pool Operators – Pennsylvania – Training Requirements

Training Opportunity – Class in Johnstown – April 6

Do you operate or own a public or commercial pool in Pennsylvania?  Someone on your staff must be trained and certified as a Pesticide Applicator!

Find out more information and how we can help you meet that requirement!


Training April 2016 - The Fax Mailer Acorn 2

We have a limited quantity of the Dolphin Atlantis & Apollo Cleaners

They’ll make opening your pool a breeze!

M-F 10-6
Sat 10-2

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