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Lehmann Pools & Spas wants you to have the latest information on how to safely care for your swimming pool or spa.  Reason # 3 on our Top 10 Awful Reasons: “Been doing this for 30 years” is one of the worst reasons for doing anything.  Lehmann Pools & Spas is dedicated to doing pool water chemistry right – using up-to-date knowledge – and teaching you the right way to sanitize your pool.  Homeowner or Commercial Pool Operator – get knowledge here!

The most recent article on Cyanuric Acid (CYA) & Chlorine.  CYA is in your chlorine tablets.  It is also your Stabilizer (sometimes called Conditioner) that you put in to prevent sunlight from destroying Chlorine.

Top Ten Awful Reasons

1.“We’ve never done it that way”

2.“Always done it that way”

3.“Been doing this for 30 years”

4.“Throw away the book, here’s how”

5.“Here’s a shortcut”

6.“That’s not important”

7.“It’s easier this way”

8.“It’s cheaper…”

9.“I’ll just get my buddy”

10.“That takes too long”

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