Hire great people – friendly & helpful – then we train them.  So you get better service.

Have a great location – convenient & spacious – then keep it inviting.  So you get better access.

Have a great selection – whole goods, parts, & chemicals.  So you get what you need.

Put all together and see the difference at Lehmann Pools & Spas.  844 Scalp Avenue – Johnstown – Richland.

By Harbor Freight – Altmeyers – Corner Coffee Shoppe – Tap 814


Therapy Baths ● Walk-In Tubs ● Jetted Bathtubs ● Whirlpools ● Patient & Resident Bathing

Specialty Services

Lehmann Pools & Spas is relentless in finding solutions to customers’ needs for aquatic and bathing facilities.

● Hotel

● School

● College

● Sports

● Hospital

● Extended Care Facility

● Physical Therapy

● Home Care

Whatever kind of water & aquatic bathing or therapy installation you have, our staff will get it running right.  We have unparalleled research ability and parts access to make sure that your unit is up and running – quickly and at the lowest cost possible.

Year Round Therapy, Care, Lodging, and Home Service