Love your 3″ Tablets?  They’re convenient, aren’t they?  East to use – you just plop ’em in the skimmer or fill up your chlorinator with them and – viola!  Minimal messing with your pool!

Great!  Easy!  But, all of a sudden, one day your pool gets cloudy.  And, it looks like…algae.  How can that be?  “I keep tablets in my skimmer!”

You run your water down to the local pool store – your test says too much stabilizer.  Stabilizer?  Cyanuric Acid (CYA)!  Most common tablets – the 1″ or 3″ pucks – contain a lot of stabilizer.  So does your instant-dissolve chlorine powder (labeled di-chloro….).

The stabilizer (CYA) that is supposed to protect your chlorine from being destroyed by sunlight is working against you.  From the very smallest amount, it begins to diminish the effectiveness of chlorine.  It’s benefit – preserving chlorine from sunlight – is weighed down by the effect it has on chlorine’s ability to kill.

So, there’s a balancing act.  Keep enough in the water to slow the rate of solar degradation, but not so much as to render your chlorine ineffective.  Most water standards put this level of CYA at 30 – 50 ppm.  For comparison, public pools in Pennsylvania are regulated to no more than 20 ppm.  And, indoor pools should never have any CYA.

Nothing ever takes CYA out of pool water.  The only way to lower your CYA is to remove your water containing CYA and replace it with fresh water.  Since most of us don’t want to do any kind of a “big drain,” what else can you do?  How about our Poolife® NST™ Non-Stabilized Tablet System?

  • Poolife® NST™ Non-Stabilized Tablet System
  • Use them in your skimmer

If you use tablets in your skimmer, you get the same convenience with Poolife® NST™ Non-Stabilized Tablets.  (Unfortunately, you can’t use them in a feeder).  But you use 1 tablet per 10,000 gallons per week just like your regular pucks.

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