Public Pool Operators – Pennsylvania – Training Requirements

Training Opportunity – Class in Johnstown – April 6

Do you operate or own a public or commercial pool in Pennsylvania?  Someone on your staff must be trained and certified as a Pesticide Applicator!

Find out more information and how we can help you meet that requirement!


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Spring Cleanup – To Do List:
1. Schedule your opening – make it easy, get it done right!
2. Get a robotic cleaner – above-ground or in-ground pool – makes your life easier. Longer filter cycles. Visibly better water – the easy way.

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Commercial and Public Swimming Pool Operators in PA:

Someone on your staff must be a licensed pesticide applicator – we have training available!

Learn from the pros!  PA Pesticide Applicator Pool Operator Training

Johnstown, PA

Training for PA Pool Operators

Hotel – Hospitality – School District – College – University – Camp _ Campground – Park

Meeting ID : 001CFW
Date : 04/06/2016
Time : 0800-1500
Course Sponsoring Organizations/Business : Lehmann Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Lehmann Pools & Spas
CourseName : Pool Operator
Website :
Course Location Name : Holiday Inn – Downtown Johnstown
Course Address : 250 Market St. Johnstown, PA 15901-2996
Category                                             Credit
00 – Core                                                 6
18 – Demonstration and Research          4

24 – Swimming Pools                              4

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Sale – Sale – Sale

In-Ground Pool Cleaners – The Apollo and Atlantis by Maytronics – Lehmann Pools & Spas

Limited time!  Limited Quantity!

The BEST in-ground pool cleaner.  The BEST warranty in the business.  And, now on sale.

Sale limited to in-stock units only!  Hurry!  Get them before they are gone!

Lehmann Pools & Spas is an Authorized Maytronics Elite Dealer & Repair Center.

Monday – Friday  10-6.  Saturday  10-2.

Year round sales, support, parts, and plumbing.

Bel Air Shopping Center.  Near Harbor Freight – Altmeyer’s – Dollar General – Miller’s Martial Arts – Corner Coffee Shoppe – Snap Fitness.

2015_07_21__8892 Atlantis-Apollo Stop

We offer:

  • Training for Pool Operators
    • Pennsylvania Pesticide – Core & Category 24-Swimming Pools
    • NSPF® Certified Pool Operator®
  • Water Testing & Standards Compliance Audits
    • Field & Laboratory testing
    • Documentation of results
  • Equipment Repair & Replacement
    • Pumps – including Speck, Pentair, ITT Marlow/Gould, Hayward, Jandy
    • Filters – MerMade, Miami Filter, Pentair, Hayward, Harmsco, Neptune-Benson
    • Chemical dispensing systems – cleaning, calibration, repair
  • VGB & ADA Compliance
    • Sales, Installation, Service
    • Inspections – Including Drain Cover Expiration
    • Change to Pump & Filter system? Verify continued compliance.
  • New installations
    • Sanitization – Ozone (DelOzone), Ultraviolet (Delta UV)
    • Chlorine or Bromine Generation
    • Automation
  • Chemicals and supplies
    • Bulk chemicals
    • Specialty chemicals
    • Safety Equipment, Cleaning Tools, Robotic Cleaners and supplies

It’s our people who have raised the bar. Nice. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Resourceful. And, they do the right thing.

We are not fans of “salesmanship.” The hard sell is awful to us. That means our way is probably not typical. Instead, we take care of you, our customer. We listen to you. We find a solution. We educate you. Occasionally, we won’t know something – so we’ll use all our resources to find an answer for you.

Not knowing is OK. Everybody reaches the limits of their knowledge at some point. We understand that the answer is somewhere – so we will find it. We have a lot of resources to help you get what you need.

While we train our folks, training, no matter how good, has its limits. So a good bit of our training is teaching about the resources available to find the answer. It all starts with our “Store Pricing Book” designed so that we can pick it up and virtually read it to a customer. It is packed with practical, complete information.

“The Book” is a living document. If we get frequent questions about something not covered in it, then we change the section to make sure that matter is covered. If we find our employees can’t understand or explain something easily from the information printed in the book – like how properly size a component – we’ll change it to make it easy. It is not just for our folks to understand, but ultimately so it’s easy for our customer to know – for our customer to understand. A knowledgeable customer, one who knows where they can get reliable information, is our best customer.

It is a team effort to put our “Store Pricing Book” together. Everything in the book is proofed by multiple employees. Sections are written and rewritten multiple times usually; all done to make sure each section is clearly written and information is easy to find. If there is a way to make the book easier to use, we’ll do it.

It is all done so our, helpful, knowledgeable people do the right thing for you. They give you information so you can make an informed decision. And, we make it easy for our folks to help with problems and challenges you’re having with your pool or spa.

It’s not salesmanship. It’s raising the bar.

Bus Card & Bullet Points

Here’s a look at an upcoming commercial project.  We’ve got some before pictures.

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Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown is your Year Round store in the Laurel Highlands!

Own a hot tub?  Indoor Pool?  Commercial Pool or Spa?  Therapy Pool?

  • Service – all makes & models
  • Parts – huge in-stock inventory
  • Equipment changes
  • Installations

814-266-2236 – Johnstown – Pennsylvania – 844 Scalp Ave – Bel Air Plaza

Near Harbor Freight – Altmeyer’s – Corner Coffee Shoppe

PS:  This spa is going to a new home!  And, should the new owner have any issues, they’ll call us!