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  • Plaster
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Custom measured, precision installation, perfect fit.  This is a job for professionals.  Lehmann Pools & Spas & GLI Pool Products.



You already know that Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown is the most convenient and easy-to-access swimming pool and spa place in the Johnstown, Somerset, Ebensburg area.  And, you know we’ve got the best in-store experience; with friendly people, a brightly lit store, and plenty of parking.  We’ve also got the most convenient hours of any store – year round!

But did you know we sell the BEST products?  Everything we sell is chosen to provide you the most reliable, longest lasting service in its class.  When you want value for your hard-earned dollars, count on Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown to give you the best.

  • Liners
  • Safety Covers
  • Winter Covers
  • Winter Kits and Supplies
  • Heaters, Pumps, Filters, and Accessories
  • Hot Tubs and Spas for Hydrotherapy by PDC Spas of Williamsport, PA


Monday – Friday     9-6

Saturday                 9-3

Year Round

Let’s say you’re operating a public or municipal pool in Pennsylvania and your pump motor burns up.  Let’s say it’s the Monday before Labor Day and the weather is forecast to be hot, hot, hot – so you definitely want your facility open for Labor Day weekend.  After all, not open = lost revenue.  Critical revenue your municipality needs.  The kind of revenue that when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Who do you call for IMMEDIATE support?  Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown offers time-critical support to commercial, public, and municipal pool operators.

This facility called Monday.  Their new pump is on our loading dock Wednesday, ready for them to pick up.  They will be open before the weekend.  Before Labor Day.  So, the 3rd biggest weekend of their summer?  OPEN!

Winter Covers

Safety Covers




Winter Kits




M – W: 9-6

Th-F: 9-7

Sa: 9-3

Su: 11-2


844 Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15904

It’s still summer at Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

  • Chemicals
  • Pumps & Filters
  • Filter Sand & DE
  • Cartridges – for Pools or Hot Tubs (Spas)
  • Parts & Plumbing Supplies

Conveniently located on Scalp Avenue in Johnstown.  Open 7 days a week!

It’s that time again – Lehmann Pools & Spas is offering commercial and public pool operators training!

PA Pesticide Applicator Re-Certification Credits                                          1 Day Class – Oct 10, 2018

NSPF® CPO®                                                                                             2 Day Class – Oct 9-10, 2018

NSPF® CPO® Fusion® – Home study + 1 day class                                   1 Day Class – Oct 10, 2018

Conveniently located in Davidsville, PA – just minutes from Johnstown & Somerset.


If you follow Lehmann Pools & Spas here, on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media you’ll hear us chat about how we give you SUPERIOR support – the type of support that you can only get from a reputable brick-and-mortar dealer.

Our caller asked “if our people know what they’re doing.”  Well, Our lead tech and our owner are PA Pesticide Certified Applicators.  Yes, chlorine, bromine, and a number of other chemicals we use in swimming pools are actually “pesticides.”  Look for the EPA Reg # on the label.  That’s a “pesticide.”  And, to apply those in public or commercial pools, you have to be a licensed “applicator.”  We are.

Not just that, but we are National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool Operator (NSPF® CPO®) Instructors.  We teach commercial and public pool operators.  Beyond that, but we train all our people; whether in-store or in-field folks.  And, many of us have been to manufacturer and distributor training sessions – learning from the factory field techs how to properly service their equipment.

So, “do we know what we’re doing?  Yep.

PS – Experience?  We don’t think experience is always the best teacher.  If you been doing something for 30 years but doing it wrong, or haven’t updated your knowledge and training, is your 30 years of experience the right way?  For Lehmann Pools & Spas, we value experience buy doing it right – with proper training and updated knowledge.