Snow & Ice – you can beat them!  We have your Ice Melters & Deicers

  • Bags
  • Pallet Loads (priced with delivery)
  • Blends
  • Pure – safe for concrete – Calcium Chloride

Western PA, Maryland, Northern WV, and Eastern Ohio – take advantage of our Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (formerly NSPF) CPO® Training. Davidsville, PA is minutes from Johnstown in the beautiful Laurel Highlands. Registration Cutoff is Saturday, Oct 5, 2 PM. 



The products we sell are better! Better quality, better support, easier to maintain, less expensive total cost of ownership.

Maytronics is Better Than This

Here’s an example – of all of the above. (Yes – we know it’s a commercial cleaner, but the same applies to your family’s pool equipment)

Labor Costs $

We sell Maytronics Cleaners for all the above reasons.

Better quality – we almost never have them fail.

Better support – Maytronics’ warranty is better than anyone else’s.

Easier to maintain – modular construction and fewer parts.

Less expensive total cost of ownership – lower maintenance costs and no freight charges for shipping? Do the Math!


How much of your precious weekend daylight hours do YOU want to spend cleaning and caring for your pool?

Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown has 3 ways you do what YOU want instead:

  • Active ™ series Cleaners by Maytronics
  • Volt Rechargeable Portable Vacuum
  • Our Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Save your weekend for your family!  Do what YOU want.  814-266-2236.

Active ™ Cleaners
Volt Cleaners