Professionally Done – Installations

Lehmann Pools & Spas features all kinds of equipment to get your swimming pool up and running and keep it running smoothly for years.  We also install what we sell – professionally!    The products we supply and install:

  • The right ones for the job
  • Backed by the longest warranties
  • Supported by us after the sale
  • Installed for easy service and maintenance

We know that value has much more to do with overall quality, long-term serviceability, and true lifetime cost-of-ownership than it does with price!  While we appreciate your quest to save a few bucks, we can’t provide you with the proper support with all guarantees and warranty protections on installation of components not purchased through us.  I doubt you’ll find any professional in any field who supports equipment purchased elsewhere!

Just like with any professional tradesmen you trust – your plumber, HVAC, carpet/flooring, carpenters, etc. – we’ll give you our best when we install what we sell.  We can’t provide that same level of care to components acquired elsewhere.  And, if you have a concern about pricing, make sure you discuss it with us so you know the true lifetime cost of ownership; including warranty protections and after-sale support.