Top Ten Reasons – Hot Tubs from Lehmann Pools & Spas

Why a Hot Tub from Lehmann Pools & Spas is your best value.  Our top ten reasons!

  1. Quality PDC Spas – the ONLY hot tub made in Pennsylvania.
  2. Full support – locally.  We take care of you after your purchase.
  3. Year Round help.  We are open year round.
  4. Factory trained.
  5. Mega-parts support.  If we haven’t got it – it’s only 1 day away.
  6. Professional help.  All of our staff knows their stuff.
  7. Courteous, friendly support.
  8. Factory new tubs.  Never pre-owned.  Never reconditioned.
  9. Custom build to your order.
  10. True hydrotherapy – moving water does the trick,  Compare our GPM (Gallons Per Minute).

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