Customer Service & Warranties

Lehmann Pools & Spas takes a great deal of pride in providing the best shopping and best customer service experience in the swimming pool industry.  We also want to make sure that you get the full warranty protection for the products you purchase from Lehmann Pools & Spas.

Warranties on any products we sell are provided to us through the manufacturers that make the product.  (That’s true for virtually any product you buy anywhere from anybody – ultimately it is the manufacturer’s warranty.)  We provide you with the full manufacturer’s warranty – including their limitations and exclusions.  We can (and do) carefully explain warranties at the time of purchase.  We want to do our part to make sure customers don’t get blindsided by something they don’t understand when they believe they have a warranty issue.

Here are a couple of pointers concerning warranties:

  1. Water Chemistry – virtually ANYTHING you buy in the pool industry has an exclusion concerning improper water chemistry.  “Crystal Clear” is not water chemistry.  “Never had a problem before?”  Not water chemistry.  What IS water chemistry?
    1. Sanitizer
    2. pH
    3. Total Alkalinity
    4. Hardness
    5. Langolier Saturation Index
  2. Labor – very few warranties cover labor for any extended time.  1 year is typically the most anybody will cover.
  3. The warranty claim procedure is pretty strict.  It helps you if you:
    1. Register your product
    2. Keep all your owner’s manuals
    3. Keep your receipts
    4. Write down all your serial numbers – just about everything has a serial number
      1. Pool
      2. Liner
      3. Pump
      4. Filter
      5. Heater or Heat Pump
      6. Chlorinator
      7. Chlorine Generator (Salt Generator Control Box AND the Cell)
      8. Automatic Cleaner
  4. Years are calendar years – not months you use it.  1 year is from date of purchase or install to the same date next year.
  5. Many equipment manufacturers have severe limitations on warranties unless you
    1. Buy through a dealer – and –
    2. Have your equipment installed by a qualified installer.
  6. Many qualified service personnel will not handle warranties for items purchased on “the internet.”
    1. Many techs and service centers want to help you – but we’re not charities.  It’s a question of pay
    2. What would you expect when they weren’t given the opportunity to earn money selling the product
    3. If we have a chance to make a living doing the warranty service, we’ll do it
    4. But, we’re going to make sure we’re going to get paid – that part will be up to you.
      1. Many techs will ask you to sign a service contract.
      2. Some techs are even requiring a non-refundable deposit to service internet-purchased pool equipment.
    5. We happen to believe you should support your local economy.
  7. Wear and tear is not warranty.  Holes in a winter cover?  Not warranty.  Seam failure?  Yes – warranty.
    1. The same goes for pumps seals, O-rings, gaskets and other “wearable” parts
    2. Solar cover ripped?  Plastic dots coming off the bubbles?  Probably not.  (Most likely water chemistry)
  8. Defend your warranty with regular water chemistry checks!
    1. For our customers – it’s complimentary
    2. We’ll be able to help you with your claim if you get water checks regularly

We hope these tips help you understand your warranty process a little bit better.  Lehmann Pools & Spas provides warranty service for Hayward, Pentair, Jandy/Zodiac, RayPak, Heat Siphon, PDC Spas, HydroMassage, and Barefoot Spas.  We have a full range of parts including sensors, PVC plumbing, pipe, valves, tubing, and many parts for Hayward and Pentair equipment.  814-266-2236.  844 Scalp Avenue, 15904