Eliminate Problem Water with Secondary Sanitization

Increasingly common in commercial and public pools, secondary sanitization virtually eliminates problem water by killing nasty, Chlorine-resistant organisms and destroying chloramines.  Health departments worldwide recognize the hazards of chloramines and RWI.

Recreational Water Illness – any disease transmitted through contact or ingestion of water from swimming pools, water parks, spas, hot tubs, water flumes, etc.  Includes skin rashes, swimmer’s ear, crypto and giardia.

Ozone or UV secondary systems are so good at eliminating RWI organisms and destroying chloramines that use of those systems is recommended or required by many health departments.  Model Aquatic Health Code – CDC

Home systems are available, too.  Either UV or Ozone, or combination UV/Oone systems can micro-shock your post-filtration water stream and virtually eliminate cloudy water, disease organisms, algae spores, and nasty chloramines!  Ask us how!

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