How Knowledge Helps You

Authoritative Sources 2 Authoritative SourcesAt Lehmann Pools & Spas, our #1 commitment is to providing your family with a clean, safe, and fun aquatic experience.  We think our knowledge base is key to making a safe experience for you and yours.

Have a problem with your pool?  How about the questions you have for how to maintain it?  Don’t understand why you’ve got to use a certain chemical?  Heard there’s an easy way?  “My <friend/buddy/neighbor/cousin> just does this and <his/her> water’s perfect.”

There’s a ton of information out there for how to manage your pool – so how to decide what’s right?

At Lehmann Pools & Spas, we get our information from authoritative sources.  Then, we train our staff using that information.

  • We use materials like the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s Pool Operator (CPO®) program.
  • We follow PA state guidelines, using Penn State published manuals for pool operators.
  • We use information provided by equipment manufacturers.
  • And, we get information from places like the CDC or APSP, as well as many other authoritative sources.
  • And, our principal chemical manufacturers are all leading researchers and suppliers of biocides for all types of applications like farming, water treatment, and hospitals/healthcare so we have the latest in quality knowledge to provide you.

That’s why we should be your #1 source for accurate information on how to manage your pool or spa.  And, should you have a problem, we have the best methods to clean up your water.