How Shopping in Your Community Benefits…Your Community

We recently watched the trending topic of the heart-warming story of an on-line retailer whose advice to a customer who wanted to return a coat she had purchased to which the retailer said, “donate it.”

That said:

When you buy in your community, who benefits?

  • Your local business –
    • Which creates jobs and opportunity locally
    • Which pays taxes – supporting Police, Fire, Schools, Roads
  • The business owners
    • Who spend their earnings
    • Who pay taxes – for local services
  • The employees
    • Who have jobs
    • Who pay bills
    • Who buy stuff
    • And, they pay taxes, too – for local services

You benefit, too.  If you’ve chosen your local retailer carefully, you get expert knowledge.  You get help making sure the product you are buying is the right one for you.  And a quality retailer helps you after the sale – especially if there’s a problem.

So buying locally, from a quality retailer, has all kinds of benefits to you, your family, neighbors, friends, and your community.  The benefits are magnified, just by buying from your neighbor’s business.  There is a real ROI!

Buying on-line?  Who benefits there?  You get something cheap – but, who’s benefited?

We’d suggest there is quite a bit more benefit to visiting your locally owned retailer than there is buying from an on-line retailer.  We are serious about #buylocal and #shopsmall.

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