Intex® Pool? EasySet®?

Need filter cartridges? When the mega-marts have moved on to fall and you can’t find new Intex® or EasySet® Cartridges for your filter, Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown has you covered! In stock! Filter A, B, C, D, or E – we’ve got ‘em all.

Mega-mart/big box retailers letting you down on chemicals? Lehmann Pools & Spas has you covered there, too. Whether you need 1 tablet or 100 or you need something to replace your HTH® – we’ve got what you need. Chances are our stuff is way stronger, too – so you’ll use less and have better results.  TurboShock® or Zappit® in stock!

Summer is still here – even if the mega-marts and big boxes don’t think so. Lehmann Pools & Spas has your needs covered!

PS: Having a problem with your pool water? Our testing is complimentary to our customers! Free help, the highest strength chemicals, & knowledgeable staff will get your pool cleaned up quick!

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