Know What You Are Buying! Know Your Contract!

The weekend warm up giving you some Spring Fever?  Excited about Groundhog Day tomorrow?  It’s definitely time to plan your Spring Swimming Pool project.  No matter where you are getting your pool, make sure know exactly what you are getting for your hard-earned dollar.

  • Get it in WRITING!
    • If you want something – get your builder to put it in writing!
    • Handshake deals – verbal contracts – are NOT contracts!
    • Provide the builder with your municipality’s code info BEFORE having the contract drawn up.
    • Specify what products you want!
    • Specify workmanlike installation!
    • Specify installed according to manufacturer’s instructions & industry standards!
  • Hire a CONTRACTOR!
    • Get contractor’s license number!
    • If they’re hiring employees or subs ask for certificates of insurance and/or contractor numbers for subs.
  • Know what’s in the CONTRACT!
    • Read it!
    • Review it!
    • If you think the question – ask the question!
  • Get your permits!
    • Get your jurisdiction’s swimming pool code handout – before you sign your contract!
    • Give a copy of the code info to the builder – before you sign your contract!
    • Take the builder’s proposal to the code office for review – before you sign the contract!

A good contract will get you the swimming pool you want.  Protect yourself!  Work with a quality contractor – and with a quality contract!

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