Save $$$ On Your Pool!

Rainy, cool weather tempting you to “save money” by not caring for your pool?  After all, why put in chemicals if nobody’s swimming?

Routine care for 15,000 gallon pool:

Daily care = 4 oz Chlorine X 7 days = 28 oz.  = 1.75 pounds

1.75# X $2.40 per pound = $4.20 spent over 7 days

Clean up same pool; green with algae:

Back-To-Blue® System


Just want to use our plain CalHypo shock (PurePool)?

3# X 4 days:

3 bags X $3.99 = $11.97 X 4 = $47.88

You could double or even triple your routine care – probably a really good idea in rainy weather – and still not come close to spending the same amount as it will take to clean up your green pool!


Take care of it!  Even when you don’t feel like it!  You’ll save $$$!