Summer Heat is Here!

Hayward Heater Display 2013_02_26__2263 2013_02_26__2261

Summer weather – heat & humidity – is here!  You’d love to dip in your pool, but rainy, cloudy, cool weather has your pool COLD.  Brrrrr!  Sure, the kids don’t care; but you’re HOT!

Lehmann Pools & Spas says get a pool heater!  Make your water COMFORTABLE!

  • Solar heaters from Maytronics
  • Gas Heaters from RayPak (all they do is heat water) and Hayward.
  • Energy efficient Heat Pumps from Heat Siphon (made in PA) or Hayward

And, we offer no-muss, no-fuss installation along with service and warranty support with our factory trained technicians.