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A safety audit can help you manage the risk of operating your commercial or public pool.  We service quite a number of hotel, school, and public pools and find a surprising number of equipment and installation errors.  Even “experienced” and “professional” builders and service people are making incorrect choices in their equipment specs.  And, if they spec the right equipment, we find quite a number of installation errors.

  • Non-compliant sanitizers
  • Improper feeder installations – voiding NSF® certification
  • Non-compliant drain covers – VGB violations
  • Non-ADA compliance
  • Modifications to pump and filtration systems without verification of VGB compliance
  • Non-NSF® equipment
  • Improper bonding
  • Installation errors – non-compliance with manufacturer specs

The list goes on and on.  And, we are by no means “big guys!”  So if this is what we see, then there must be tons of violations.

And, it falls back on facility owners and their liability coverage providers.

Your Risk Management solution for your aquatic facility?  A Safety Audit.

Lehmann Pools & Spas is certified by the NSPF® to conduct Facility Audits.  Protect yourself.  And, more importantly – protect your customers and clients.

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Really – this is the perfect time to think about your swimming pool! You remember our hot summer 2015, right?  Whether you’ve never had a swimming pool before and want one or you need to replace one or get a new liner, now is the time to plan your construction project.

  • Pool Liners
  • Above Ground Swimming Pools
  • Safety Covers
  • Pool Heaters

Just like any landscaping or outdoor home improvement project, the sooner you get on your builder’s list, the sooner you get the project done.  And, swimming pool projects are among the most weather-sensitive!  Fact 1 – Builders typically can’t start until the ground dries out and the temperatures reach into the mid-60’s.  Fact 2 – Most people want their pool open by Memorial Day.

The reality?  Builders probably can’t start until mid-April and oftentimes the weather isn’t reliable enough until mid- to late-May.  No matter what anybody tells you, very few pool and pool liner projects in the Laurel Highlands/Somerset/Johnstown/Ebensburg areas will get completed by May 31.

So, the early slots are A) few, and B) precious – probably no more than about 6 projects will be fully completed by Memorial Day.  And, that’s if your builder can start mid-April.

The sooner you get on your builder’s list, the more likely you will be open Memorial Day.  That 1/2 dozen early slots are going to go fast.  For most builders, many slots may already be taken!

So, get your project started now!  Come in now to get your early construction/renovation slot.

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