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  • Value for you!  You get the right product with full warranty protection when you buy through us.  Did you know most manufacturers only offer their longest warranty when a product is purchased (and sometimes installed) by a brick-and-mortar professional?  Want the longest warranty?  Then shop with us!  Plus, we’ve got knowledgeable sales AND service professionals to help,  Eliminate confusion – the “I wonder if this’ll work?” factor – and get the correct product for your need.
  • Value for the community.  Concerned about jobs?  The economy?  The state of your local town?  Then support your community businesses!  Not only do you get great help, but you are supporting your local economy, you are creating jobs, you are creating value in your community.

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Small Business Needs Your Support

Lehmann Pools & Spas is a proud member and supporter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). We believe that their advocacy is important for protecting and furthering the needs of small businesses such as ours.  If “small business” or “family business” mean anything as innovators and important engines of the US economy, then the NFIB is the one group dedicated to making sure that we are protected from the natural tendency of government and regulators to overreach and impact our ability to run our businesses, generate jobs, and create wealth.

As the coming 2016 election approaches, I think it is important that people know what candidates for office are doing to impact small businesses. I’ve attached below the voting records of all of Pennsylvania’s state legislators.

  • I’ve marked in Red the voting records of legislators who seem to vote consistently against the needs of small businesses & family businesses.
  • The ones who vote against small businesses 50% of the time are more have their voting record circled in Red.
  • I’ve boxed (in Red) the worst offenders; people who always vote against small business or people who are “excused” a lot and can’t seem to be bothered to do their job as legislators.

As a side note, you might consider the party affiliation of the candidates and where they stand with regard to support of small businesses and family businesses. A pattern, maybe?

This is at the state level in Pennsylvania. But, the pattern of support for small business is consistent around our nation – one party consistently stands against small businesses; against family businesses.  If words like “Shop Small” or “Buy Local” mean anything, we believe Pennsylvanians deserve better.  We believe the United States deserves better.  Look at data and choose for yourself.  Support small businesses.  Support family businesses.

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