If you know anything about Lehmann Pools & Spas, you know that we will relentlessly pursue solutions to your issues.

  • Whether commercial or residential, you know we have a vast selection of parts.
  • You know that if we don’t have it, we’ll find it – not just A part, but the RIGHT part.
  • You know that we will reach out to wherever we need to get the most amount of information to be able to troubleshoot correctly.
  • And, when it comes to installation and testing, we’ll make sure we’ve figured out the RIGHT way, not just A way.

That led to this – helping a Senior Community – Assisted Living facility acquire and install a replacement therapy bath.

  • We worked hard to troubleshoot and find parts for an old existing unit.
  • We found the manufacturer (even though a series of mergers had all but buried the product line)
  • We found the right parts
  • We talked to support reps and figured out the correct way to troubleshoot and ultimately install new parts
  • Then, when it came time to replace it – well – the story got more interesting.

And, so here we are today. A new, replacement tub from a different manufacturer.  A tub with a support system (us) should they need service.  And, a quality product from one of the largest, most reputable companies in the continuing-care market.

You’ll hear more!  But for now enjoy the picture.  And, know that we are relentless!

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Lehmann Pools & Spas is relentless in finding solutions to customers’ needs for aquatic and bathing facilities.

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Whatever kind of water & aquatic bathing or therapy installation you have, our staff will get it running right.  We have unparalleled research ability and parts access to make sure that your unit is up and running – quickly and at the lowest cost possible.

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