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We talk all the time – if you follow Lehmann Pools & Spas here, on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media – about how we give you SUPERIOR support.  Well, we’ve got quite a story for you.  Clue number 1 is this picture!  More to come, because you will not get the kind of support a local, small business can provide from ANY mega-no-boundaries web seller.  Period.  Anyway, here’s the picture:

This is simple enough – Support the Suckeniks!

No matter where you are in Johnstown, Lehmann Pools & Spas is easy to find and features safe, convenient access.  After all, we’re on Scalp Avenue in Richland Township, near Geistown.  Speaking of near – Lehmann Pools & Spas is in the same shopping center as Harbor Freight, Dollar General, Altmeyer’s, and the Corner Coffee Shoppe.  So, just get on Scalp Avenue and you’ve practically found us!

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Fall Hours – Year Round

Right after: “Do you have ____”  (Our answer is, “Yes!”), our second-most asked question is: “When do you close for the season?”

We DON’T!  We are year round.  Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown got the stuff you need, when you need it.  Not a phone-call-leave-a-message place.

  • Plumbing parts
  • Hot tub parts
  • Hot tub repairs
  • Water testing
  • Chemicals
  • Commercial pool services
  • Public Pool Operator training
  • PA Pesticide training
  • Ice melters



  • Pool Repairs & Closings
    • Indoor & Outdoor
    • Pumps & Filters
    • Heaters
    • Controls & Sanitizers
    • UV & Ozone
  • Spas & Hot Tubs
    • Pumps & Motors
    • Seals & Bearings
    • Heaters
    • Controls
    • Filters & Cartridges
    • Plumbing Repairs
    • Jets
    • Ozonators
  • Therapy and Whirlpool Baths
    • Plumbing
    • Jets
    • Controls
    • Pumps

Commercial & Public Pools

Hotels – Schools & School Districts – Apartments – Rehabilitation & Therapy – Nursing & Residential Care Facilities

  • Therapy and Whirlpool Baths
    • Repair
    • Invacare Installation
    • Parts
    • Plumbing
  • Facility Upgrades
    • TDH testing – Flow Testing and Compliance
    • UV & Ozone sanitization
    • Chemical Feeders, Storage Tanks, Mixers
    • Control Systems
      • ChemTrol
      • Goldline/Hayward
  • Parts & Repairs
    • Pumps – Seals, Bearings, O-Rings, Motor rebuilds & changes
    • Plumbing
    • Filters
      • Sand Changes and Inspect Laterals
      • Cartidges
      • DE – Including Bulk
      • AquaPerl
  • Training
    • NSPF® CPO® & Fusion®
    • Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicator – PA Pesticide
      • Core
      • Category 24 – Swimming Pools

Johnstown area class forming now!

November 15 & 16, 2017 – Davidsville, PA




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Hot Tub Repairs – Spa Service – Hot Tub Service – Spa Repairs – Hot Tub Repairs – Spa Service – Hot Tub Service – Spa Repairs

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Invacare Therapy Bath

SwimSpas by @PDC_Spas


Service, repairs, and parts – any brand of hot tub!

Expensive mistake by previous installer








































Well – we heard it again from a facility – and we hear it all the time: “For 9 years since I got here, it wasn’t a problem.  Now all of a sudden it is.”

While the standards for pool care haven’t changed much, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has stepped up enforcement of aquatic facility regulations.  They have discovered many situations where operators have been caring for their facilities incorrectly for a long time.  In many cases, this was because of improper or inadequate training and “rule of thumb” practices that were incorrect.  Sometimes, pool suppliers and dealers were the sources of bad information, too. 

We hear many situations where “it was never a problem and now it is.”  Well, it was a problem; it’s just the facility was never caught – because it was never adequately inspected.  It’s proof that “experience” alone is not a measure of correct performance.

Lehmann Pools & Spas invests heavily in training to ensure we have the latest in regulatory and technical knowledge.  In fact, we are certified facility operator instructors.  When you choose Lehmann Pools & Spas for service, you can be assured we will have the latest knowledge and training to ensure you will be fully in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Improper operation of facilities can result in significant liability for their owners.  We’ll help you manage your risk and assure you that you will operate a safe and compliant facility.  And, since we’re a year-round operation, so you can call us anytime for assistance with critical issues.