Whatever you’re into this summer – fun, fitness, staycation, beating the heat – finance it with Lehmann Pools & Spas’ partnership with FNB Consume Direct!

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Have a fitness goal?  Looking to lose weight?  Got a Doctor nagging you about getting into shape?  Want to Relax?

Answer “YES!” to any of these and Lehmann Pools & Spas can help!

The SwimSpa by PDC Spas.  From the leading manufacturer of Swim Spa shells in the industry, exclusively built for you!

Fitness – Lose Weight – Stay in Shape – Get Fit – Relax

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Lehmann Pools’ & Spas is proud to partner with FNB Consumer Discount for Same-As-Cash financing!

Need a swimming pool?  How about a hot tub?  Our Same-As-Cash Financing can help!

Apply in the store, get approved in 15 minutes!  Then, enjoy your new swimming pool or hot tub.

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Whether your want soothing relaxation or vigorous hydrotherapy, our hot tubs by PDC Spas are the best!



made-in-usa Tent Sale 2 LPS Store For SupportSeems like anybody can throw up a tent or print up a “truckload” or “Factory-Direct” banner.


Hot Tub Sale Hot Tub Sale – Hot Tub Sale – Hot Tub Sale – Hot Tub Sale – Hot Tub Sale – Hot Tub Sale – Hot Tub Sale

Get the facts!  #GetTheFacts

Where is the hot tub made?

  • Ours are made in the USA – in Pennsylvania!  (Hint – ask who you call for the warranty issues)


  • Not even close!  (PS – makes the shell weaker, too.  It WILL crack.  We’ll explain.)


  • Sounds too good to be true.  (Actually – we can explain their wild claims.  Heard the one about “no more fooling with chemicals?  It’s got a punch line.)

You’re going to spend a few $$$ on your hot tub.  You should know the Company behind the sale.  It IS about value.  It IS about support after the sale.  It IS about long-term quality.  So find out!

Our hot tub sale is going on for 2 more days!  #GetTheFacts

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Thru Sunday!  Tent Sale – Scalp Avenue – The Blue Tent

Save thousands!  PDC Spas and Lehmann Pools & Spas are teamed up to save you thousands!

Not just any tub – a PDC Spas Hot Tub – Made in USA – Made in PA!

Save 1000’s!  Financing available!

844 Scalp Avenue – near Harbor Freight Altmeyers Bed Bath & Home Corner Coffee Shoppe Zepka’s Harley-Davidson Pre-Owned

Located on “The Strip” in Johnstown – Richland Township 814-266-2236

Today 10-5, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 11-4.

Made in USA Made in PA







Made locally.  Supported locally.

Your support?  266-2236.  Try getting that support ANYWHERE else!

  • Friendly
  • Local
  • Knowledgeable

Check out our parts department!

  • And, if we don’t have it?  1 business day away!

You can not get support like this ANYWHERE.

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844 Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15904 – 814-266-2236


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Tent Sale – parking lot of Bel Air Plaza – Scalp Avenue – Richland Township

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