Contemplating a pool but think you need to get it in the Spring?  Lehmann Pools & Spas says why wait?  Now is the perfect time to get a pool:

  • Prices will never be lower
  • Late summer weather is more predictable for construction
  • Spring construction timing is very unpredictable – no matter what anybody tells you
  • We have financing available
  • When next spring comes, you’ll start swimming when YOU want to

Get your pool now!  It’s a great time to git-r-done!

Hey Johnstown


We do house calls!  Lehmann Pools & Spas – Service at your place on:

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Heat Pumps

We also can perform repairs in our store:

  • Motor bearings
  • Seals
  • Capacitors
  • Small electrical
  • Valve gasket changes

2013_12_12__6718 2013_12_12__6720

Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown loves Summer!  Look at this!

Luv Summer

Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown offers service for virtually any pool heater or heat pump!

  • Heat Siphon
  • RayPak/Rheem
  • Hayward
  • Pentair
  • Jandy/Laars

With our tons of in-stock parts and our connections with nearby suppliers, we get your heater or heat pump fixed quickly and correctly.

  • Methodical troubleshooting
  • Find the correct part
  • Install
  • Test the results

Job done right!

Hayward Heater Display 2013_02_26__2261 2013_02_26__2263 Parts Desk

Hope you took advantage of the awesome weekend and had great times with family and friends in your swimming pool.  But now, your heavily-used pool is cloudy.  Lehmann Pools & Spas of Johnstown will help you get it cleaned up fast!

  • Complimentary water analysis for our customers
  • Easy 1-2-3 Step water treatment options
  • Friendly, helpful staff

Lehmann Pools & Spas is ready to help!2015_05_11__8772 2015_04_21__8670

Lovely Summer days are meant for swimming!  Lehmann Pools & Spas makes it easy to make your backyard the focal point of family, friends, and fun.  When a day looks like this, don’t waste it!

Out The Back 2

An affordable, high-quality option for late summer fun.

Quik-Swim Sale 2


1st Great Deal – Sale – Dolphin Cleaners with Rebates!  Last Day today – read about it here.

  • Rebate offer expires TODAY – July 31.
  • Get It Now!

2nd Super Sale Deal – Closeout pricing on a better quality “pop-up” style pool:

  • For around $1000 you get a pool, filter system, and ladder
  • Be ready for late season heat!
  • Installs in 15 minutes!

^^^^ Limited Quanties & Limited Time on Both Deals – HURRY! ^^^^^

Quik-Swim Sale


Did you know we have a Facebook page?  Here’s an offer: for limited time.2015_07_21__8892

You have a great property – your backyard is a real staycation paradise – now you want year-round outdoor usability.

  • A PDC Spa is a great addition with the relaxing benefit of true hydrotherapy.
  • A built-in in-ground spa offers a design-integrated enhancement to your landscape.

Two great options for the discerning homeowner looking to put the finishing touches on their backyard family paradise.  Contact Lehmann Pools & Spas today to discuss your vision.

Check out our updated spa page here.